Additions to your TV

Ownit Stream

Now you never have to miss your favourite shows! With Stream you can always continue watching on the bus, in the laundry room or wherever you are.

  • Included in all tv packages. If you pay for your tv subscription yourself, you have access to Stream at no extra cost and you can stream the vast majority of channels included in your tv package. If tv is included in your facility, it depends on which agreement your property owner has with us. If your property owner has not included Ownit Stream, you can upgrade your basic subscription yourself through our customer service.

  • Watch your content offline. You can stream movies and series even when you are not connected. Download whatever you want to watch and keep watching your favourite shows wherever you are.

  • Stream abroad. You can watch your favorite shows for free throughout the EU. Just like at home. Bring your entertainment on your vacation and stream on your mobile or tablet.

Movie rentals

In the movie store you can rent movies in several ways. Either with your remote control or on your computer/mobile. We constantly fill in with movie premieres, classics and fun content for children.

Movie rentals


Keep in mind that you need TV from Ownit to be able to order our add-on products
Arris 2853

Arris 2853

All of our services has one months notice. All offers can be used once per household.