Our base packages for tv

Our most flexible service ever! Exactly as you want it, on your terms. Just as it should be.


Tv on the go!

Bring your TV channels and play services to watch where it suits you. Our streaming service includes a variety of series, documentaries, entertainment and news channels. Getting started is simple using your customer number and the personal number with which the service is registered. It comes with no extra cost to create a streaming account if you are already a tv customer with us. The only additional cost is if you rent a movie!

Is there something missing? Do not fear, you can easily add just the favourite you are looking for to your existing tv package. Simple and flexible, just as it should be. From 19 kr/channel!

You can also find our C More & Viasat packages here!
C More

Keep in mind that you need TV from Ownit to be able to order individual channels


The following equipment will give you the ultimate tv experience. The service is delivered as running water via our HD box, and when ordering an accompanying hard drive you can store over 200 hours of content!

Keep in mind that you need TV from Ownit to be able to order our add-on products
Arris 2853

Arris 2853