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24 jan., 09:00

Planerade Elarbeten i Märstahus 1: Planned

Det pågår elarbeten i Märstahus 1 som kan orsaka avbrott i din bredbandsuppkoppling. För mer information så kan du kontakta din förening.

05 feb., 09:57

Issues regarding e-faktura: Ongoing

05 feb., 17:24 Updated

We've identified the source of the error as well as all the affected customers, and we'll contact these customers with information. As we've written earlier, only one of these identical invoices need to be paid. If you've already paid both of the invoices, we'll mark the paid sum to pay for you next invoice.

05 feb., 09:57

We've confirmed that several of our customers have received their e-faktura twice. The invoices have the same OCR-number and you only need to pay one of them. We're working on finding the cause and will give updates as soon as we have them.

19 feb., 17:47

Wrongly addressed letters: Ongoing

We've recently sent out letters based on wrong information. These letters are adressed to the wrong customers, but the information in the letters are correct. We're investigating what has happened.

26 feb., 08:00

Driftstörning Malmö: Ongoing

Vi har för närvarande en större driftstörning som påverkar kunder i Oxie, Malmö. Felsökning pågår.

26 feb., 08:51

Driftstörning Stockholm: Ongoing

Vi har för närvarande en driftstörning som påverkar ett antal kunder i Stockholm. Felsökning pågår.