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17 mars, 11:04

Increased queue times: Ongoing

COVID-19 means that more people work from home and use the broadband more intensively on days and evenings. We have good capacity in the network to cope with this, but it still means that we see an increased amount of customers with questions and who need help.

At the same time, we are adapting Ownit's operations to the guidelines of the Public Health Authority and more of Ownit's own employees need to work remotely. If you have a case that can wait, we ask you to come back later when the pressure has dropped.

27 maj, 16:06

Incorrect Collection Notice: Ongoing

It has been brought to our attention that an error has caused customers who have already paid their invoice via Billogram have received a collection notice. If you have already paid your invoice via Billogram, you may disregard the collection notice.

05 juli, 11:05

Minor network disturbance Hägersten: Finished

05 juli, 13:17 Updated

All services restored.

05 juli, 11:49 Updated

A technician has been dispatched for repairs.

05 juli, 11:05

We're currently experiencing a minor service outage affecting a few customers in Hägersten, Stockholm. Troubleshooting is ongoing.