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17 mars, 11:04

Increased queue times: Ongoing

COVID-19 means that many more people work from home and use broadband more intensively on days and evenings. We have good capacity in the network to cope with this, but it still means that we see that many customers have questions and need help.

At the same time, we adapt Ownit's operations to the Swedish Public Health Agency's guidelines, and more of Ownit's own employees need to work remotely. All in all, this means that we currently have longer queue times than normal. We work hard to cope with the increased pressure, this by, among other things, expanding our capacity in support. If you have a case that can wait, we ask you to come back later when the pressure has decreased.

Thank you for your patience.

09 nov., 17:40

E-post spam: Ongoing

It has come to our attention that there is currently circulating false claims about expanding the capacity of the email account, with threats of account suspension.

These messages are to be considered spam and we strongly advise you not to click on any links in the email.

25 nov., 18:06

Telia Stadsnät Problem: Ongoing

Ett antal kunder störs av bandbredds problem vid Telias stadsnät via överlämningspunkten mellan dom och oss.

Planerat på att lösas så fort det går.