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What is Open Access Network?

If you have the choice of many different service providers at your address then you are a part of an Open Access Network, or OAN.

To find out if we are available at your address, you just need to search on our homepage or connect your PC or router into the broadband plug/fibre receiver.

The plug you need to connect to will normally be marked with "LAN 1" but may also be marked with "TX" or "FX".


Please note that the activation process can only be started when the previous provider has been disconnected!

The activation process may vary in time depending on which OAN you are connected to, but will generally take between 1-5 working days. You can see how long it will take for your specific address while ordering.

Getting started

First, make sure that your router is compatible with a fibre connection and not locked to your previous service provider, and that you have a functioning internet cable (normally called CAT5 or CAT6). If you have ordered an internet speed higher than 100 mbps then you will need a CAT5e, CAT6, or higher to be able to use your chosen subscription.

You can also connect your PC directly to the broadband plug, but if you want to connect multiple devices or if you want a WiFi connection then you will need a router.

Do you have a router from Ownit? You can find our guides for setting it up here.